Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet the Maker Monday: ThePixels

Pixels, those microscopic bits on a computer screen, burst into cheerful full-color life in Kasia’s plush. Visit her shop and find out all about her creatures here.

Where did you learn to sew?

I was always creative, even from the moment I was born. I managed to wrap myself around in spirals with an umbilical cord on the way out to this world.

Like most little kids, I watched my mother, who loved to sew. I'd pick up a needle and thread and make clothes for my dolls. After joining an “Art Circle”(after school program for kids) in Poland, I made my first plush creature. Here is one of the first ones I made from a school camp.

It’s a kind of spider made out of recycled scraps. I was very proud of this one and would take it on trips and adventures.

After I came to the States, I started working with my hands again. I picked up a sewing machine, although I love hand sewing.

Discuss your inspirations.

I admire every single person that gets up in the morning and instead of complaining and gets stuff done.

Nature and animals are great inspiration. I love color and the way the nature uses it and we imitate it through our interpretations.

I get inspired by everything that catches my eye, ear, or touch. I love art and going to shows. Some of my favorite artists are Greg Simkins, Mars-1, Camille Rose Garcia and of course all my plush teamers. I love being surrounded by creative people and learning from them.

How do you fit plush-making into the rest of your life?

I’m a full time graphic designer. After I get home I usually find time for sketching or cutting. On weekends I can actually spend real time making stuff. Time is such a precious thing and I wish I had a little more of it.

Describe your dreams for new designs or projects.

My dreams are endless. I have little notebooks full of ideas. I want to create a blog and a website. There's more I want to do with different fabrics for the toys. I'd also like to make pixel dresses or other clothing. I plan to make drawing books, animations and so much more.

What advice can you give makers who dabble in plushiness?

Be true to yourself, don’t copy, be inspired, do what you love, and just be happy.

Where else we can find you and your awesome plush?


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dingogirl66 said...

I love that picyure of you as a child...SO cute but a little creepy LOL.. Your article was fun to read

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