Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Randomly Cute Wednesday Featuring: Jefita and Big Pig

Jefita (pronounced he-fee-tuh) spends her time being an artist/illustrator person and sewing tons of tiny creatures. Her goal is to amuse herself and others. She love stories and characters and this is her way of sharing them. Besides myher creative endeavors, she enjoys cheesy sci-fi, cartoons and comics, tromping around outdoors, and going places. She also avidly pursues the making and eating of tasty foods, and she has the magpie-like enjoyment of collecting shiny and/or colorful small objects.

You can find out more about her at these websites.

Big Pig Pigasus is one of Jefita’s super cute creations. The reason people don't think the Pigasus exists is that it is normally a rather tiny creature, making it easy to miss in the wild. Having taken some Pigasus into her care, Jefita has found that they will grow a little larger with proper coddling. Just be careful, as too much coddling does eventually lead to loss of flight. The Pigasus isn't quite as noble or mythic as the mighty Pegasus, but he works extra hard at being charming. Even though he has some porcine heritage, he is a rather tidy little creature requiring minimal maintenance.

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