Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We need your vote! Vote now for the Plush Team's World Mythology Challenge.

Well it's that time of year again, when the Plush Team gets its Challenge groove on. We're asking for your help to determine the winner of the World Mythology Challenge! Here's how it works:
Participants in the Challenge had a choice of entering into one of four categories:

Gods and Goddesses (i.e. Osiris, Egyptian god of the Underworld, a.k.a. the God with the Golden Gun)

Demigods and Mortals (i.e. Achilles, the man who proved everybody has a weakness)

Magical Creatures (i.e. Oni, Japanese ogres who like to snack on children’s belly butttons, or at least that’s what Japanese mommies who want their children to behave say)

Magical Artifacts (i.e. Thor’s hammer, a weapon powerful enough to drive a god to dress in drag)

Now that all the entries are finished, here comes the tough part for all you voters out there- choosing your favorite!

Voting will take place in two stages. First, you vote for your favorite within each category. You have until Monday April 19th to vote.
On Tuesday April 20th, the category Winners will be announced and then they will go head-to-head with you voting for the Ultimate Winner of the Challenge, who will be announced here on Tuesday April 27th.

Please take a moment to scroll through the categories and vote for your favorites! All the entries are available in the Plush Team's etsy shop if you want to get a look at multiple photos and more details- or buy your favorite entry. :)


The Indian God Ganesha by Raggy Rat. A sock Ganesha and his ratty steed ... actually he is more elephant than elephant headed-being, but he has the required 4 arms, and one broken tusk, plus a rat (or sometimes mouse - depends who's telling) that he rides upon ....

Bond Girl on a Hippocamp Seducing Poseidon by Fuzfrenzy. As you can see, she's got a removable scuba suit, flippers and snorkel with goggles. The Hippocamp's saddle also comes off. :)

Bust of the Egyptian God Set by Tyler Poncho Toys. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (Sutekh or Seteh) was originally the god of the desert, storms, darkness, and chaos, who was later demonized.

Ceiling Cat by Yummy Pancake. Ceiling Cat is the God of the lolcat world. Want to know more about lolcats? Go here.

The Moirae by moonscreations. (Also known as the three fates: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. These Moon Buns decide everyone's destiny.)


Laocoon and the Serpents by pterodactylpants. He was a priest of Poseidon, and the Gods were not going to let him keep the Trojan Horse from getting into Troy. Minerva sent two giant and horrifying Sea Serpents from the nearby island of Tenedos to crush Laocoon’s insubordination! They strangled him and his sons in a most gruesome fashion. The serpents are posable.

Argus by Casienipper. "Argus was a Giant with 100 eyes that were placed all over his body. He never closed all of his eyes at once, sleeping with at least half of them open. For this reason he made an excellent guard. The Goddess Hera had him guard the maiden Io, a lover of Zeus who had been turned into a white cow. Zeus sent Hermes to rescue the maiden, which the god was able to do by singing to Argus and getting him to close all of his eyes. When Argus was completely asleep and unaware, Hermes killed him. In return for his service and sacrifice, Hera placed his eyes onto the tail feathers of the peacock, a bird which from then on has been sacred to the Goddess."

The Last Unicorn by Love and a Sandwich.

Meet the Cyclopes – Arges, Brontes, and Steropes by the Pixels. These three were the primordial sons of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) and brothers of the Hecatonchires. They were giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead and a foul disposition.

Icarus by Plush Goodness. Icarus is the son of too-smart Dedalus, who got them both imprisoned in a tower over the ocean. To escape, clever Dedalus made them both wings from feathers and wax. They flew out the window and escaped. Unfortunately Icarus did not heed his father's warning about flying too close to the sun, and the heat from the suns rays melted the wax holding the feathers together, and Icarus plunged to his death in the ocean. **ineligible to win because she is a challenge organizer.**


Baby dragon by The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hector the Minotaur by Jefita. Hector is the love child of a youthful fling between a dairy girl and a bovine deity. The romance didn't last, as is usual with such divine relationships, but Hector's mother loved her child very much and made sure he was brought up properly.

Meet Merric the kelpie by Plushroom Soup. Merric is Gaelic for "ruler of the sea." Kelpies are sea monsters from Celtic folklore. Known to appear on land as beautiful horses, kelpies lure people, especially children, onto their backs. Having lured a rider, the kelpie's skin becomes adhesive and escape is impossible. The kelpie returns to the sea and drowns and devours its rider, eating all but the heart or liver.

Mothman by Fur Will Fly. The Mothman is a mythological creature reportedly seen in West Virginia in the 1960's. Described as a winged man-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and large wings.

Oni by LittleCritters. Oni are creatures from Japanese folklore. Edo Oni Critters are hideous, gigantic creatures with sharp teeth and wild hair growing from their heads.

Anansi by squirrelmomma. Anansi is the trickster spider from West African folklore; his father is the Nyame, the sky god. He is always trying to outsmart people...but sometimes he's too smart for his own good, and ends up being the one tricked! **ineligible to win because she is a challenge organizer.**


Ariadne's Crown by wooldebeast. The Greek god Dionysis married Ariadne and gave her a crown for a wedding present. When she died, he threw the crown into the sky. It turned into a constellation.

The Arthurian legend of the Sword in the Stone by HibouCards. Since we can't talk about the Sword in the Stone without mentioning Merlin I decided to represent him but with a twist... he pronounced the wrong magical formula and turned into a frog. ;)

Okay- you've seen all the entries, and now the hard part starts- voting! Thanks so much for helping us choose a winner. :D You can find all the entries in the Team etsy shop.

Voting for round 1 is now closed. Stay tuned for round two!


Cimmi said...

This voting thing is way to hard....i love everything, you are all so super duper creative!!!!!!

Raggy Rat said...

i both love it and hate it that you cant see the votes !
i hope you managed, cimmi !
thanks xxxx

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