Tuesday, April 20, 2010

World Mythology Challenge Final Showdown!

It's been Clash of the Titans here at Plush Central for the last week, with mythological creatures, deities, demigods and magical artifacts battling it out for supremacy. Now, with the voting closed in the separate categories, it's time for the qualifiers to battle it out for title of Supreme Plush!

Our finalists are:

The Indian God Ganesha by Raggy Rat. A sock Ganes
ha and his ratty steed ... actually he is more elephant than elephant headed-being, but he has the required 4 arms, and one broken tusk, plus a rat (or sometimes mouse - depends who's telling) that he rides upon ....

Laocoon and the Serpents by pterodactylpants. He was a priest of Poseidon, and the Gods were not going to let him keep the Trojan Horse from getting into Troy. Minerva sent two giant and horrifying Sea Serpents from the nearby island of Tenedos to crush Laocoon’s insubordination! They strangled him and his sons in a most gruesome fashion. The serpents are posable.

The Last Unicorn by Love and a Sandwich.

Baby dragon by The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Hector the Minotaur by Jefita. Hector is the love child of a youthful fling between a dairy girl and a bovine deity. The romance didn't last, as is usual with such divine relationships, but Hector's mother loved her child very much and made sure he was brought up properly.

Ariadne's Crown by wooldebeast. The Greek god Dionysis married Ariadne and gave her a crown for a wedding present. When she died, he threw the crown into the sky. It turned into a constellation.

Voting is now closed. Thank you!

1 comment:

Raggy Rat said...

thnaks sooooo much to everyone who took the timew to vote
cat xxxx

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