Saturday, May 22, 2010

At the Faire!

The Plush Team has set up shop at  the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA and it is surely a sight to behold! right now, we Plush Teamers left at home have only gotten to enjoy vicariously through pictures posted by some of our plushie pals on Facebook -- but there are sure to be lots more when everyone has a chance to offload their cameras. Here's what we've see so far!

One of Abbydid's new design monster purses (just right for your Nintendo DS!) goes sailing through the air on its way to San Mateo... and oh, is that coffee? What an awesome coffee sleeve!

Abby and her little pal made it safely -- and about the Maker Faire so far, she says "I am so blown away with all of the creativity and ingenuity at Maker Faire - and it hasn't even begun! Judging from set up today, this weekend will be a wild ride." You can continue to follow Abbydid's "wild ride" updates on the Abbydid Facebook fan page.

A trip to San Mateo wouldn't be complete without a visit to the mecca of plush making, Mendel's. This snapshot (courtesy of Abbydid) has all of us drooling and thinking of new plushie pals with the latest in minky and fun fur! I don't know about you, but I NEED a new plushie pal made in that black and melon pink minky just behind the animal print! Talk about wandering into a treasure trove!

Speaking of plushie pals, you've got to see the team's amazing setup at the Faire -- but first and all important question -- how DID all that plush make it our to CA? Well, Plush Team member and hostess with the mostest, PlushGoodness, has been collecting our plush for months now. Check out her storage room -- AKA, International House of Plush (IHOP):

And of course, the moment you've all been waiting for.... the big reveal... here is a picture of the Plush Team table at the Maker Faire (courtesy of AbsolutelySmall):

-- By the way, you can follow AbsolutelySmall and her chicken pants' adventures at the Maker Faire from her Facebook fan page.

If you're in the San Mateo/San Francisco area this weekend, make sure to stop by and say hello to our Plush Team pals -- and while you're there, take one of the free classes. And to our pals at the Faire, have a great time and SEND MORE PICTURES!!!

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out of the frame said...

great blog post :) and thanks to Abbydid and AbsolutelySmall for sending all the photos so we can all feel part of it! enjoy :)

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