Sunday, May 30, 2010

Looking for a fun rainy day project?

Summer is nearly here and it's almost always packed with sunny days -- but summer is also the time for those crazy rainy days that seem to pop up out of nowhere. The Plush Team's solution to the rainy day blues? -- Make your own P.T. Stitchy plush mascot!

The Plush Team's very own P.T. Stitchy sewing kit is now available in the team shop and it's the perfect project for any experience level. The kit includes:

  • Detailed instructions for assembling your P.T. Stitchy doll
  • Printed fabric that you cut and stitch together
  • A fun vintage button "eye" you can use to decorate your doll
Dolls are suitable for hand or machine sewing and your huggable finished P.T. Stitchy will measure about 8 inches (20 cm) tall. All you need is some fluff, a needle and thread, and a great imagination!

Kits are only $10 plus shipping and all proceeds go directly to the Plush Team where we're always plotting on the next amazing adventure on squishiness!

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