Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plush Team May Giveaway

The May giveaway is sponsored by the talented and creative Fur Will Fly! Fur Will Fly combines science and lots of pent up creativity to offer an unusual blend of plush -- from huggable hearts with all the detail of a text book diagram to a fuzzy, one-eyed, bumblebee bear hybrid named Bert.

The May giveaway prize is another huggable creation by Fur Will Fly -- his name is Winged Walter! Walter measures approx 6" x 7" and he has beautiful sky blue wings, perfect to make his fur fly! He enjoys flying about doing good deeds for people.

So what do you need to to to get your hands on this little guy? Just visit the Fur Will Fly shop and leave a comment on this blogger post with your favorite item. Be sure to include an e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

But wait, you can get even MORE chances to win!
  • Become a PlushTeam blog follower. If you're a new follower, leave a comment and let us know that you joined. If you're already following us, you can let us know that too and score one extra entry!
  • Follow the PlushTeam on Facebook and/or Twitter. Again, let us know in your comment if you're a new follower or an old friend and you'll receive one extra entry for each follow.
  • Tweet this giveaway. Make sure to give us a link to your tweet in the comments to get one extra entry. 
  • Blog this giveaway. For an extra TWO entries, tell folks about this giveaway in your blog. Please make sure to use Walter's photo in your post and leave us a link to get your story.
  • Buy something from Fur Will Fly or the Plush Team shop. Get another FIVE chances to win by making a purchase from Fur Will Fly or the Plush Team shop. Don't forget to let us know which new piece of plushie love you're calling your own!
Last day to enter is May 30, 2010 and we'll announce a winner on the 31st. GOOD LUCK!


Audrey said...
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lilmissasian said...

Awww, the May giveaway prize is absolutely cute!! I <3 it!!
My favorite item from Fur Will Fly is the Little BlueBot Soft toy.

I am a new follower of PlushTeam blog (I love the site and the news updates ^^).

I am also a new follower of PlushTeam on Twitter. In fact, I also tweeted about the May giveaway:

My email address is
Thanks for the help!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - the Plush Warewolf is super cute.

You can contact me back through my blogger account.

Thanks so much!!!

Kynthia said...

such a cute giveaway! =)

i'm already following Plushteam.

cristina zani said...

Being Italian, my favourite item has to be The Vitruvian Plush - Soft toy sculpture, based on Leonardo Da Vinci's famous drawing!
Here's my email:

Amaranta said...

I love the Bright Star plush, so cute!
escuishi (at)

Amaranta said...

I am a follower of the blog!

escuishi (at)

Amaranta said...

And I will blog about it,
thanks again!

escuishi (at)

cathy said...

springtime duckbunny is my personal fav! he is so cute+bizarre (well, aren't they all?!)

Cream City Crafts said...

I don’t know if I can choose a favorite, everything is just so super cute! But for me the one that stands out the most is the Frankenstein plush monster. I love his scar and uni-brow!

cpullum said...

I like the Lionel the Leopard-Pig Hybrid Animal - Soft toy creature

teamoddity said...

I love the vamplush and the frankenstein plush very much!!!! Awesome work!

ap_lemos said...

I love the Little BlueBot; he's very cute!
Thanks for the giveaway
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

ap_lemos said...

I follow Plushteam
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

P-Lilith said...

it has got to be the Vitruvian Plush, but the spider is pretty cool too.

kiwisunset said...

YAY! His name is Walter! I love the name Walter. (he's my fav Fringe Character) I just joined Blogger and I follow on FB as well. and my first blogger post is about this giveaway! Love all of Fur's stuff. and my favorite is Morris the Mothman,( even though he is in the Plush team shop. the etsy stuff is great too, I love the vodka plush!) Email is :)

Mags said...

I just realized that Plush Team has a blog! I subscribed right away. I have put up a feature about Fur will fly and the Plush Team Etsy Shop.

My favorite from Fur Will Fly has to be the vampire guy!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway

Ellen Ault said...

I follow the blog!
ellen @

Ellen Ault said...

Love your work, but I really like the Blue Bot. Such a cute smile!

ellen @

Ellen Ault said...

I also follow on twitter! (Handmade3D)

ellen @

Mika-Chan said...

i love the zebra scarf..



i follow you on twitter and on here, i have since may.


Dawn or Mikayla said...

i love everything.

blog post


i follow you on twitter and here. no fb.

Aaliyah said...

hey! my email:

twitter post:

i follow you here, twitter, and fb!!!

and i blogged about it!


Domestic Diva said...

I like Bert the Bumble-Bear Hybrid Animal - Soft toy creature.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Cynthetic said...

My favorite is the bottle of lager. Especially after this last weekend of debauchery at my home, where someone got sick and threw up everywhere -ick. Don't I deserve a little monster angel love?


teamoddity said...

I follow plush team...

Linda said...

I am a new Facebook follower of the Plush Team. All About Cats

koreandream1990 said...

Hi im a new follower, Raven

my email addy is:

I am a follower through both Twitter and GFC under YbsBoss

I'm a follower thru FB under the name Raven Koreandream Park

and I tweeted about the giveaway!!!!
heres the link:

I'm soooo excited!!!!!!

koreandream1990 said...

I forgot to put this in my initial entry. SORRY.

My fave plushies from Fur Will Fly has to be Bert the Bumble-Bear!! He is soooooo cute!!!!! and I love plushies that are above normal so he stood out!!!!

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