Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Randomly Cute Wednesday Featuring: Cronopia6 and Pirate Samuel

Cronopia6 - otherwise known as Moira is a new member of the plush team. She makes plushies using felt and other types of fabric. Some of her monsters are made from recycled fabric. In her shop you will find many colorful things made with love, wonderful toys, or just nice objects to decorate your home or any space to which you want to bring fun and color.

She says, 'I love design, art, crafts and anything that allows me to create my ideas or make tangible.'

From all the items in her shop I chose to feature Pirate Samuel, partly because of his very cheeky look and partly because my littlest nephew is called Samuel!

You can find out more about Cronopia6 by reading her blog, visiting her flickr page or her facebook fanpage.

1 comment:

Mags said...

I love him! What a great shop, thanks for posting this.

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