Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is on its way!

For some of us Summer seems already to have arrived, while others are waiting impatiently for it to begin. Summer really seems to get into full swing in the USA as we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th- and what better way to get in a patriotic mood than with these grinning red, white, and blue Lengi Bears, or this set of 3 patriotic-colored bats by Tyler Poncho Toys.

It truly wouldn't be summer without bugs of all kinds, and who hasn't watched in fascination as a fuzzy caterpillar crawls along a leaf? Or your arm, if you were brave enough to pick it up and examine it up close. ;D This Hickory Tussock Moth plush by Weird Bug Lady is perfect for that little (or big) bug enthusiast! Not to mention the fact that this one never needs to be fed or kept in a glass jar or kleenex box, and won't wander away on its own...

These and more fun plush of all kinds are available in the PlushTeam's etsy shop! Happy Summer everyone!!

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