Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet the Maker Monday: BeBe Babies/Boom!Plush!

Shhh! The baby’s sleeping! Be very quiet when you read about Casie’s adorable plush babes. Tiptoe around her site BeBe Babies and Friends and don’t forget to visit her new shop, too: Boom!Plush!

How do you make plush?
I usually start with internet research and sketching. When I participated in the PlushYou Olympic challenge, I researched winter and the Olympics before I settled on a melting snowflake holding the Olympic torch.

When I work on other plushies like BeBe Babies, I generally work with patterns, although I rarely see them because my Mom sews for me. I put the dolls together.

Where did you learn your skills?
I learned to sew and make plush mostly by trial and error. I also have many books on how to make dolls, bears and other crafts. Most of my basic sewing skills have come from those books.

Describe your workspace.
I have a tiny room in the back of my tiny house that’s my designated office/craft room, although I mostly work on a card table in my living room.

What inspires your plushmaking?
I’m inspired by so many things: friends, crafts, arts, nature, blogs and other plush artists. I am constantly on the look-out for interesting colors and ideas.

How do you promote your work? 

On my blog:
And Facebook:

Right now I don’t have a lot of time to promote. When I used to work on a computer all day I could chat, blog, renew listings and email. Luckily all that hard work has left me with steady business while I attend school.

How do you fit plush-making into the rest of your life?
Plush making used to be my number-one priority, and I sewed as much as I could. Now that I’m in school I have little time for sewing. I’m excited that summer school is almost over and I’ll have time to sew for the rest of the summer.

Any dreams for new designs or projects?
I love working on Plush Team challenges and hope to participate in all of them, but time doesn't always allow it. The challenges provide me with amazing opportunities to design new, interesting pieces.

I’m trying to put out a pattern and working on my new plush shop: Boom!Plush! I opened the new shop to have an outlet for plush creations that don't quite fit with the BeBe Babies theme. I hope to get that in full swing during the summer.

Which other makers do you admire?
I admire members on the Plush Team the most, especially Christina and Abby. Not only do they make awesome plush but they are the some of the most helpful, hardworking and dedicated people I have met. As far as artists’ plush, I own and admire too many to list!

Any advice for makers who dabble in plushiness?
Just do it! So many times I started making something and was certain that it wouldn’t work, but I kept going and it all worked out in the end. Mistakes happen and most of the time they can be fixed by improvising. If not, starting over isn't the end of the world. And be original. There’s always room for new ideas.

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abbydid said...

Aw, shucks, Casie! Thanks for the kind words. I admire you so much for all of the amazing work you do! PlushTeam is like family to me:)

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