Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PT Stitchy World Tour!

PT and his travel journal, where PlushTeam
members will add notes about his journey.
The PlushTeam's mascot, PT Stitchy, is setting off on a world tour!  PT is visiting 36 plush artists in 6 different countries, travelling from coast to coast within the United States, and sharing his snapshots and adventures along the way.  He will of course keep meticulous records of his sight seeing antics in his handy dandy Field Notebook, complete with his very own image on the cover.

PT begins his world tour in Cincinnati, Ohio with me, Abby, the plush artist behind abbydid.  PT was kind enough to join us during a fun event called Second Sunday in the historic Over-the-Rhine.  This street festival takes place ever second Sunday during the summer months on Main Street in downtown Cincinnati.  Over-the-Rhine is the largest neighborhood in the country to be registered with the National Register of Historic Places, is home to a vibrant arts community, and is the inspiration behind the band of the same name.

PT admires all of the Italianate architecture in Over-the-Rhine.

PT enjoys a nicely pulled ale and some fine tunes at Neon's
PT poses with one of the four Shepard Fairey
murals installed this summer around town.
PT poses with a totally cute dude in the food truck.  Yum.
We had a fabulous time together, as you can see.  Cincinnati is finally catching up with the times and now has several delectable food trucks, including Cafe de Wheels, where not only is the service gorgeous (rawr) but the Mediterranean fries are delectable.  Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center hosted artist Shepard Fairey this summer, and he put up a few of his famous murals for the city to enjoy.  PT was very inspired.  And we wrapped up our visit with a frosty beverage and live music at the world famous Neon's.  I'm told they make a mean bloody Mary.  

PT Stitchy and his travel journal jump
into their first class accommodations!
It was sad to see him go, but we wrote down our adventures with PT Stitchy in his log, put him in his envelope, and sent him on his way to the next Plush Teamer on the tour - The Itsy Bitsy Spider!  

Want to join in the fun?  You can buy your own PT Stichy sewing kit RIGHT HERE to whip up your own Plush Team mascot and snap some pictures of him around town.  Submit them to us and we'll post them on the blog and facebook page!  
We jotted down a few notes about
the visit before sending PT on his way.

A big thank you to my husband Jason, for being a good sport and getting these pictures of PT Stitchy for me while I (wo)manned my tent during the street fair.  Even the one I requested with the cute guy:)  What a trooper!


Jessica said...

I love this! We used to live right on Main st. (the building with 1305 Gallery) and watch the second sunday fun from our fire escape. I miss it! Now we live in Oakley.

ps- who do you talk to about getting a table at second sunday?

Katreader said...

That's great. I look forward to seeing more of his adventures. If anyone is interested I have a travel blog featuring 2 Raggy Rats, Ratkins Deux The World :http://ratkinstravels.blogspot.com/

Abby said...

Jessica, I love Oakley, too, I'm up there all the time (I'm a Westsider, and need infusions of hipness every so often). Here's the link to apply to be a vendor: http://secondsundayinotr.org/vendors/

Katreader, that's is such a great blog! And the rats have such fabulous names, I'm sure Miss Cat is delighted to see them enjoying their travels. She's part of this world tour, and will have PT Stitchy visiting her in England.

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