Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Randomly Cute Wednesday Featuring: Yummy Pancake and Mr Pastree

Yummy Pancake's tag-line is 'a hook, a skein and a wild imagination,' and that pretty much says it all! A pharmaceutical project manager by day and uber crafter by night, Yummy Pancake enjoys all types of crafting, but her true passion is crochet. She loves to see what kinds of cute little plushies she can create with just a bit of yarn and some poly-fil.

One of her trademark characters is Mr Toastee and he even has his own blog! click here to read. But this blog post is not about Mr Toastee but about his arch-nemesis Mr Pastree! Not to be outdone by his arch-nemesis, Mr. Pastree managed to find a way to shrink himself down to a cute, portable size! He is unstoppable!

You can find out more about Yummy Pancake by reading her blog:

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