Monday, August 2, 2010

P.T. Stitchy Visits Cleveland, OH!

It's been called a lot of things... "the mistake on the lake," "a seedy suburb of Pittsburgh," "home of the Cleveland Browns," but for Clevelanders like The Itsy Bitsy Spider's family, it's enough to call it "home."

When P.T. arrived, we thought long and hard about what sorts of scenic, taste-of-Cleveland landmarks we could visit. There's the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Great Lakes Science Center, University Circle, and any number of fine eating establishments. But, we decided on something that makes Cleveland truly unique... Lake Erie.

Yes, people the world over have heard tales of our not-so-long ago polluted lake, known for its dangerous shallows, and ongoing battle with zebra mussels. But what a lot of folks don't think about is some of the beautiful beachfront we have here on the North Coast... so we packed up our guest and to the Lake we went!

Like many visitors, P.T.'s first instinct was to bury his toes in the warm sand. But, with his toes just below his chin, things got a little hairy!

Luckily, P.T.'s guardian angel was waiting and with a quick hand, she whisked him out of the sand and gave hm a big hug!

After such a dramatic rescue, P.T. briefly considered a career in life guarding, but alas, the rescue buoy was about ten times his size...

No trip to Lake Erie would be complete without at least some appearance from our great pests from the East -- Zebra Mussels. Most beaches rake the sharp shells up into great piles, away from swimmers and sunbathers.

Needless to say, P.T. did not want to linger very long on this sharp pile!

As we took in the sunset from one of the piers, we decided we needed one more little adventure to sweeten the evening... so we piled in the car once more...

... and enjoyed some of the world's BEST ice cream at Mitchell's.

Don't believe it's the best? Stop by and try it some time.. it'll be P.T. Stitchy's treat!

We had a great time here with P.T. and he'll be packing off shortly for his next stop... See you soon!!!

Want to join in the fun?  
You can buy your own P.T. Stichy sewing kit RIGHT HERE to whip up your own Plush Team mascot and snap some pictures of him around town. Submit them to us ( and we'll post them on the blog and facebook page!  


PterodactylPants said...

My Hometown! Looks like Stitchy had a great time in the 216! :)

pattihaskins said...

Ya should have taken him to Parma for kielbasa!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

LOL -- thought about a little good old fashioned Cleveland grub, Patti -- we're a big pierogi family here! But it's just been way too hot for Clevey-comfort food ;-)

zfla said...

wish i were there

Raggy Rat said...

what fun, thanks for sharing PT stitchy ... come to plush, dorset one day !

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