Thursday, August 19, 2010

Randomly Cute Thurs(Wednes)day Featuring: theitsybitsyspider and the baby dragon

theitsybitsyspider describes herself as a mom, a wife, a writer, a crocheter and a kisser of boo boos! Her daughter, Kaia, is one of the big reasons she got into amigurimi crochet - she loves making things to delight her and she says Kaia is her muse and her inspiration.

This baby dragon pattern is available in theitsybitsyspider's etsy shop. It is sooo cute - I love the expression on her face. If you are getting into making amigurumis the give this one a go!

theitsybitsyspider is also a great blogger. Her blog has a lot of interesting articles, links to free patterns and opportunities to join in with crochet-alongs. Check out her blog at


KooKoo said...

wow, this dragon is amazing!

Velma said...

LOVE love LOVE this dragon!!!

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