Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is in the air!

With Labor Day behind us, the kids back in school, and the leaves on the trees starting to turn colors, it is really starting to feel like Fall. It's time to think about getting out the sweaters and jackets, not to mention all the fun autumn colored and patterned fabrics and get creating! The Plush Team has got Fall fever, and we have some fun Fall-inspired plush for sale in the Team's etsy shop right now.

For a lot of people, Fall means one thing and one thing only.
"Are you ready for some Football?!" And what better way to celebrate the opening weekend of the NFL season than to tailgate with the awesome Stitchface the American Football, by Jefita.

For others, Fall is a chance to see nature in all its glory as the leaves change colors. These Autumn Treeweeliusses with their hanging leaves by Tyler Poncho Toys are totally cute examples of nature's colorful display. (Don't you just love their little tongues sticking out? :D)

For Nature lovers, Fall brings the chance to watch the animal kingdom prepare itself for winter, and these adorable felt Owls come with their very own trees to roost in. Playsets by Hibou Cards.

Or you can watch the squirrels frantically scamper around finding nuts and acorns to hide away for their winter food stash. Although these Fat Fall Squirrels by Plush Goodness look like they already have a head start...

If you're feeling in need of some Fall cheer, or know someone who does, head on over to the Plush Team's etsy shop and take your favorite Fall inspired plush home today!

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