Sunday, September 26, 2010

PT Stitchy World Tour Stop #3: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The PlushTeam's mascot, PT Stitchy, is continuing his world tour! PT is visiting 36 plush artists in 6 different countries, travelling from coast to coast, and sharing his snapshots and adventures along the way. He will of course keep meticulous records of his sight seeing antics in his handy dandy Field Notebook.

After a month delay since his last stop in Ohio, thanks to a customs holdup, PT Stitchy finally makes it to stop #3 on his exciting world tour, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!
Myself, Heather of Needlings, took PT on a glorious tour of my little piece of "The Great White [Green] North." He's a fairly quiet houseguest but I'm fairly certain he loved it. I mean really, it's CANADA!


Time to check out the city...

How about joining me for a craft fair?

Hanging out in some knits! It is getting a little chilly out after all. (No snow yet though, don't go getting ideas.)

Checking out SuperCrawl a great local street festival featuring amazing local Canadian art and music. So hip.

Thanks for coming PT! We plushy and human Canadians both enjoyed your silent plushy company.

Onward ho!


Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

LOVE IT! Who thought Canada could be so... well, un-Canada? :-)

jolene said...

he looks like he had a blast!!!

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