Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tiny Plush Tuesday

Yesterday was awfully busy around here, what with announcing winners for the Plush Vegas Challenge and our August Giveaway. We decided to save the best for another day -- so, once again... we bring you Tiny Plush Tuesday -- on Wednesday!

This week's tiny plush represent some of the newest talent to join the Plush Team -- APlushPlush and 5OrangePotatoes.

5OrangePotatoes's work is all eco-friendly and all adorable. Who wouldn't love to receive this tiny Hootenanny made from recycled clothing, wool blend felt, and vintage buttons?

If you're looking for plush with personality, then look no further than APlushPlush's Letter Face dolls. Right now, you can pick up Z, G, or C -- or order a custom letter!

As always, the Tiny Plush Tuesday specials are $10 US or less. But, when they're gone -- they're gone!

1 comment:

Swiedebie said...

This is so cute!

Am I eligible to join the plush team?


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