Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiny Plush Tuesday!

The Plush Team has just the thing to brighten your back to work after the long holiday weekend -- it's Tiny Plush Tuesday! And this week's plush are all deliciously cute!

Everyone loves cake and cake for breakfast is even better still. Get around mom's advice (no sweets for breakfast) with one of Yummy Pancake's bacon and egg cupcakes and take your protein to go!

Now that you've had a healthy breakfast, it's time for a little treat. With the days getting cooler and shorter -- how can you possibly resist a favorite fall treat? That's right -- it's time for one of Daniellorama's candy corns!

Om, nom, nom! That was yummy! But now what should we have for dinner? That's easy! Enjoy a big plate of LeftZ's Large Mouth Bass and finish your day with a smile!

As always, the tiny plush are going fast -- so, if you want to get your three square meals in today -- you'd better hustle on over to the Plush Team Shop!

Happy tiny Plush Tuesday!

1 comment:

marci said...

I love the candy corn!

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