Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiny Plush Tuesday!

What could be better than Tiny Plush Tuesday? A Tiny Plush Tuesday that takes TWO WHOLE DAYS to announce!

Sure enough, this blog mistress was wandering around the Plush Team shop and found a whole second set of plush had been added in celebration of Tiny Plush Tuesday! Here are the highlights:

I have to start with Squirrel Momma's Alien Squidlets because I already swooped in and scooped up two of these little guys (Squirrel Momma is also selling them in her Etsy shop!). I can tell you right now, these are going to make some AWESOME Christmas presents for some of the hard-to-shop-for men in my life (if I can bear to part with them).

Just a little too creepy to be cute and wayyyy to cute to be creepy -- you'll have to hurry to get your hands on ThEm DoLLZ's last pumpkin monster (the first two sold faster than... well, faster than cute pumpkin monsters). If you do miss out on Tiny Tim, you can still find some amazing personalities at ThEm DoLLZ's Etsy Shop (I personally have a crush on "Dave").

If you love fall colors, you cannot go wrong with one (or two, or five) of Love And A Sandwich's Autumn Leaves. These peaceful little leaves are such an adorable way to welcome the fall season! My favorite is the Tangerine one... what about you?

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