Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zombies, Bats, and Ghosts, Oh My!

Mwahahahahaha! Velcome to zee Plush Team's House of Halloween! Follow me if you dare on a tour of the haunted halls of the Plush Team's etsy shop to see what some of the members of the Plush Team have created in the spirit of this spooky season.

Got Zombies? We do! This Zombie Owl and Zombie Alpaca by Plushroom Soup are on the lookout for nice, fresh brains...

Hanging out in the drafty rafters of the team shop is an assortment of bats of all kinds. We have vintage Blood Red velvet, as well as black and orange fleece bats by Tyler Poncho Toys,

A Bat flavored Wibbly Woo by abbydid,

And a playful Peek-a-Boo Bat by aplushplush.

Flying around the halls is this Ghost Flavored Wibbly Woo by abbydid,

while Frankenmonkey by Dingogirls Den monkeys around in the basement.

Out in the garden pond, this Candy Corn Fish by arttales/LEFTZ swims in circles

and a Jack O' Lantern flavored Wibbly Woo by abbydid hangs out on the porch with his buddy, Skull and Crossbones by aplushplush, while waiting for trick or treaters...

If you are interested in spiriting away any of these spooky plush to your own haunted house, head on over to the Plush Team's etsy shop where they are all eagerly waiting for new homes to haunt.

1 comment:

Lowell and Son said...

An awesome bunch of Halloween fun! I LOVE the Zombie Owl at the top!

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