Thursday, October 28, 2010

PT Stitchy World Tour!

PT Stitchy has been at it again - globetrotting and sharing his adventures with you, his adoring fans.  Where has he gotten to this time?  Let's go see...

"I can see Africa from here!"
The Mediterranean!  Wow, this dude gets around.  First, PT headed over to Gibraltar, which is a tiny bit of England bolted onto Spain.  This little English town is centered around the Rock of Gibraltar, where you can view two continents and 3 countries all at once.  Is that Africa over there?  Why, yes it is!

"Ouch.  Bad monkey!"
One of the fun things the Rock of Gibraltar is known for is that it is home to quite the population of monkeys.  When you reach the top of the rock, they are absolutely everywhere, and PT managed to get himself into a little scuffle with one of them.
"Even the quilts have monkeys - eek!"

Once rescued, PT headed back to town, where he recovered nicely while admiring some textile art made by the locals.
Can you spot PT Stitchy?  Good job!

Next, PT made his way to a little town in the mountains of Spain called Ronda.  It was like walking back through time.  The cobblestone roads, Moorish architecture, and local handicrafts were all so enchanting!

"This is close enough to the water, thank you!"
After all of that traveling, some well-deserved relaxation at the beach was in order.  PT splashed in the waves and ordered himself some cocktails while enjoying the sunset in Marbella, Spain.  Ahhh, this is the life!
"Muy bien!"

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zfla said...

Oh, PT got to go to Marbella? Our family used to vacation there when I was very little, then we moved to Los Angeles.

What a lucky plushy!

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