Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel..."

Chanukah, or the "Festival of Lights" will be celebrated from December 1st through the 9th of this year, and the Plush Team has created some Chanukah-inspired plush:

Jessie of Pterodactyl Pants has created the wonderful dreidel-inspired "Chanukah Monsters" that want to play dreidel with you - and eat your latkes! "Shin for Sham"
There are a series of four monsters - each a different color, and a felt applique Hebrew letter representing one side of a dreidel: Nunn, Gimmel, Hay, and Shin, which stand for "Nes Gadol Hayah Sham." (נס גדול היה שם) Or, to the non-Hebrew speakers "A Great Miracle Happened There."

We also have a soft and cuddly Golem of Prague- Christina of Christina Ward Creatures has created her own version of the Golem, who stands about 18 inches tall!
The most famous golem narrative involves Rabbi Judah Loew the Maharal of Prague, a 16th century rabbi. He is reported to have created a golem out of clay to defend the Prague ghetto of Josefov from Anti-Semitic attacks. The story of the Golem first appeared in print in 1847 in a collection of Jewish tales entitled Galerie der Sippurim, published by Wolf Pascheles of Prague. About sixty years later, a fictional account was published by Yudl Rosenberg (1909).

If you would like to give some latke-loving monsters or a Golem a new home, head on over to the Plush Team's etsy shop, where they are eagerly awaiting you.

To learn more about the celebration of Chanukah, click here.

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