Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving, Plush Team style.

It's that time of year when our thoughts turn from the sugary-scary goodness of Halloween to gathering with friends and family to give thanks. Not to mention eating ourselves silly. Bring on the turkey- or tofurkey as the case may be, and some members of the Plush Team have done just that.

Remember when you were a kid and traced your hand and made turkeys out of construction paper? This Handy Plaid Turkey by Patti Haskins is a blast from the past made into plush form. I'm smelling the glue and the crayons and the construction paper right now. :)

Meet Tonya the Turkey Cyclops by ThEm DoLLs. Tonya is all dressed up and ready to celebrate, so why not have her over for dinner? I mean as a guest, of course. ;)

Reminding us all about the genesis of our Thanksgiving holiday, abbydid has made this diorama playset of the Wampanoag Tribe of Native Americans. The first Thanksgiving in America was between the Wampanoag Tribe of Native Americans and the Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts in 1621.

The Diorama consists of the Wampanoag's traditional shelter, the Wetu, made of sheets of bark and bowed limbs of trees. The family that lives in this Wetu consists of a mother, father, little boy, and his baby sibling carried in a papoose strapped to his mother's back.

The Plush Team invites you all to come on over to the Plush Team's etsy shop for Thanksgiving- our turkeys are calorie and sleepiness free. ;)

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