Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Shopping with the Plush Team: Non Girly Plush Monsters & such


Welcome to day three of our week long Plush Team holiday shopping guide. Please visit day one here and day two here. Today its all about non girly plush! Cause the fellow in your life wants a little plush, you know he does! But it's gotta be manly plush.

No wimpy girl monsters here. No sir! All we've got is big mouth roarin' monsters like Quirk by Little Critters:

And even little monsters like Kea by Love and a Sandwich open wide to let out a roar:

When it comes to manly monsters, guys know exactly what other guys like. Phil Barbato is a guy. He knows tough guy monsters:

Nothin' better on a manly monster then some terrifying pinchers! White Eyes' scary Parallagl the crab promises to pinch your face off!

And flying just above those pinching claws is Tyler Poncho's spooky blood sucking bats!


What's that I hear? Gotta be one of the super scariest monsters around! Yep, Florinda the Alebrije by Cretur Fetur is very close by:

Looks like Plushroom Soup's freaky zombie frog plushie may have been in a monster fight!

No telling what sort of nonsensical hijinx those monsters get up to when our backs are turned! And I don't think Phillippe by dkoss2 is telling either!

I don't hear any more roarin' but I can detect a faint hiiiiiisssss......

Must be Weird Bug Lady's frightening, but harmless, garter snake:

This is only a small sample of some of the non girly plush available from our groovy plush team members. Be sure to check their shops for lots of roarin', terrifyin', manly monsters, perfect for that fellow in your life.

Stop by again tomorrow for a yarntastic treat! Yarn lovers take note that we're featuring utterly fabulous Crochet Plush.

Please visit our Plush Team Shop to shop for more unique plush as well as a money saving combo pack that includes both the team book, Get Stuffed, and the fab DIY sewing kit to make your own Plush Team mascot, P.T. Stitchy. Save money with this set!

We here at the Plush Team wish you all a Plush filled Holiday Season!

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