Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Shopping with the Plush Team: Take a walk in the Snow with Plush makers seen in Stuffed Magazine

Welcome to day two of our week long Plush Team holiday shopping guide. You can visit day one here. Today we'll be taking a walk in the snow with some of our Plush Team members who've been featured in the phenomenal Stuffed Magazine.

On a beautiful winter's day plush monsters, like this cute fellow from Bluestar Fuzzies, dream about taking a stroll in the fresh fallen snow.

They invite along their very best pals like this cutie pie, Rocket the Terrier by Samaria Project.

Plush monsters love to get their energy out by engaging in rambunctious snowball fights. But watch out for that yellow snowball! Eeew!!! This one is by abbydid.

After the snowball hijinx, plush monsters like to spy around for woodland creatures. They might spot this sweet tweet by MelissaSue up in a tall tree.

Or they might catch sight of this cute plush fox by SunnyPlum running across their path.

They might run into a neighbor plush Mr. Toastee by YummyPancake making toast angels in the snow.

They also might run across that other wacky lady neighbor out shoveling snow from her sidewalk. Plush monsters may freak a little at Miss Dooney (by JunkerJane) but really, she loves little plush monsters.

But after a while of snow walking, plush monsters tend to go a bit wonky in the eyes like Susarto's adorable zombie weirdo.

Eventually, little plush monsters make it back home to sit by the fire and have a nice hot mug of cocoa with their family like these sweet Plush Knitimals by GreenStarStudio.

There are some amazing plush selections for both home and fashion in today's shopping guide. Please be sure to drop by tomorrow when we'll feature Non Girly Plush Monsters & such. Perfect for the little (or big) boy in your life.

Shop for more plush by visiting our team page to see a list of all plush team member shops.

Be sure to visit our Plush Team Shop to shop for more unique plush as well as a fab DIY sewing kit to make your own Plush Team mascot, P.T. Stitchy. He makes a great first sewing project!

We here at the Plush Team wish you all a Plush filled Holiday Season!

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