Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plush Team Happenings

Lot's of Plush Team stuff happening around here today. First I was super excited when I saw that Leeanna (Plush Goodness) was having a giveaway on her blog Meet Sam and Pete. Leeanna was giving away one of her super adorable plush mini yetis and of course I just had to enter. I have coveted Leeanna's plush for a long time and she is also super nice! And guess what? I won!!!!! Yay me! Little Yardley arrived today and he is so freaking cute and soft. Thanks sooo much to Leeanna for brightening my day and giving me a plush gift. It means a lot to me because times are tough this year and it was looking like I wouldn't get any plushies for Christmas. It makes me happy!

Also I ordered a PlushTeam t-shirt from Skreened the other day and it arrived. Everytime I order an American Apparel shirt I order a large and it is a little snug (this is also a source of shame and embarrassment that a large shirt is too tight). Every time (I have probably 3 American Apparel shirts) I order I think I should just get an x-large and get over it because my shirt would at least fit. So I finally did it when I ordered the Plush Team shirt because I convinced myself that if it was too big I would use my super sewing skills to resize it. I'm not sure why I never thought of that before. Well I got the shirt today and it is huuuuge so now I am going to have to figure out resizing it..or make a dress! I like the shirt though.

WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEee!!!!!!!! Look at my crazy messy workroom!

Ok that is all for now!

--Casie Brabham, Bebes Babies & Boom Plush

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Dani said...

Looks like the perfect pj shirt to me. If stuffies get to go to bed (or not...depending on significant other's jealousy) than certainly PT Stitchy should be allowed. At least as a shirt he doesn't take up as much room!s

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