Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lucky me!!!!
I got my Russian Xmas swap plush and it's a lovely pirate octopus from BeBeBabies :)
It looks really cute (don't tell him I said he was cute though... he's a tough pirate after all!)
Mr. Octopus immediately struck a friendship with Mr. Pendleton, my pirate parrot plush ;)
They're best buddies now and yap about the olden days when they were ruling the sea with their pirate ships....
They're thinking of going to the Boston harbor to grab a beer and look at the ships soon... but they don't like snow much so they may just wait for Spring!

My Plush Team plush collection is growing and I love it! Go Plush Team!
Thanks Casie :)
Anne-Claire aka Hibou


Lowell and Son said...

Arrrrr, he is great! Love the eye patches.

BeBe Babies said...

You are so welcome! :)

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