Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hooray for mail!

Coming back from my Christmas vacation, I was greeted by a huge box of held mail that the Post Office had delivered that morning. I was dismayed to see how much junk mail I would have to wade through to get to the actual mail, and I resolved to let it wait until the next day to tackle all the sorting/recycling, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a slight hint of a white box...

I let out a whoop and grabbed the box, and sure enough it was my Russian Christmas Swap! I got even more excited when I read who had sent it- Zazu Faure (aka zfla on etsy)! I opened the box and found the most wonderful double sided Rhino plush and maple leaf pin inside. The Rhino has a calm side and a jazzy side, which I love! He's made of upcycled cashmere, wool and angora sweaters, and is soooo soft and beautifully made. The maple leaf pin is just lovely, too. Thanks to Zazu for making my return home into something special. :D

If you want to see more of Zazu's lovely and sophisticated upcycled plush and leaf pins, head on over to her etsy shop- you won't be disappointed!

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