Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Groundhog Day is just around the corner

This year so far has been insane weather all across the country and world so far..But what we ask is .."will this dang groundhog see his shadow or retreat and bring us spring???".. Groundhog day is a holiday that is on February 2nd and it's mainly celebrated in the US and Canada.. 
But this day used to be called Candlemas Day by Europeans and I found a poem for the holiday that is as from far back as 1841
As the light grows longer
The cold grows stronger
If Candlemas be fair and bright
Winter will have another flight
If Candlemas be cloud and rain
Winter will be gone and not come again
A farmer should on Candlemas day
Have half his corn and half his hay
On Candlemas day if thorns hang a drop
You can be sure of a good pea crop

Ok..enough history now we can enjoy the wonderful and fun creations made by creative members of the Plush Team.

 This little life like groundhog was made by Raggy Rat.. His hair is beautiful but I think he is going to miss his shadow and call for more winter weather.
This little Groundhog was made by Zfla and according to this guy we are in store for spring very soon.

This is Simon the groundhog who just happens to be the distant cousin to Phil the weatherman. This little guy is ready for friends and the party as he is working his way down from the tundra up north to see if Phil and the rest of his family. Groundhog Day is the date for their family reunions every year. Made by The Pixels
Ok..these babies popped out of the ground and all they saw was the shadow of someone stealing them from the burrow..We have a search party out looking to see if they all went to the same home.. SO cute who wouldn't want them?? They were made by Danielleormama



out of the frame said...

great blog post :) and some very cute Groundhogs!

TylerPoncho said...

NO! Too SLOW, missed out on Danielleorama's cuteness, they sold like hotcakes made on Groundhog Day!
NO! Too SLOW, missed out on Danielleorama's cuteness, they sold like hotcakes made on Groundhog Day!

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