Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jajce Christmas

With all the excitement around here for our big Hot*Pop show, I was almost too distracted to post the most exciting news in my life. I received my Russian Christmas gift from my secret partner Rowan from out of the frame in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina!
I received the most wonderful assortment of goodies including one of Rowan's fabulous amigurumi creations named Maja. She's an up and coming actress from Jajce. Maja recently made her debut in the 3-part film Poklon je Poklon which Rowan enclosed a copy of along with a written translation of the film. She also enclosed two wonderful postcards, some chocolate that is thoughtfully sugar-free, her cute business cards and a lovely magnet of the waterfall that graces Jajce. A fabulous package and it made my day. Thanks Rowan for my fantastic gifts.

patti haskins

1 comment:

out of the frame said...

so glad you like it - and that Maja has made it safely to her new home :)

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