Monday, January 17, 2011


Another Russian Christmas Swap (Our after the holidays secret santa)

This gift is from Marcy of MoonsCreations, the fabulous new Plush Team President!
She sent these lovely little squirrels to Tyler Poncho and Kaeti of Tyler Poncho Toys. Kaeti will try her best to keep them out of Tyler's mouth, but bite-size plushies like these are so tasty...or so Tyler says.

A note about squirrels:
Today is a snowday for Kaeti and Tyler; they've always wondered where all the squirrels go in the winter, and apparently they make nests in the trees. Nests that humans can never quite see, very camouflaged and tricky are these squirrels. But our new adorable squirrels have no nests, so we can find them all the time, scurrying across our shelves!

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