Thursday, January 27, 2011

Plush Team in Candyland! See it for yourself!


If you’ve followed the Plush Team for any amount of time, you know that we’re always challenging ourselves! About 2 years ago (when I was young and wearing the tiara vs. now that I’m old and out in the Queen Mother pasture) I proposed the Team attempt a gallery show. We firmly believe that the work we create is not just cute and cuddly, but has artistic merit. So,not being ones to hide our light under a bushel, we approached Hot*Pop Shop & Gallery about putting together a show.

Based on examples of our work, Hot*Pop eagerly agreed that a plush show was a great fit for them. They also presented us with our unifying theme: Candyland. Working in a gallery setting was new for many of the Team members. We had a location, we had a theme and we had a date! January 21, 2011. Which was last week, but was 20 months ago when I first made the arrangements. (This is very common in galleries. Shows are booked and scheduled often 2 to 3 years in advance. This can be good in that it gives artists plenty of time to create. But it also shows the dearth of gallery spaces and the demand for them.)

The Team is lucky in that we’ve got a deep bench of talent...and this includes some spouses who
were press-ganged into service. Jason Langdon (Mr. Abbydid) did an amazing job of designing a promotional postcard design. People in MKE are really digging it. Hot*Pop has already gone through 900 of the 1000 they ordered.

I volunteer at WMSE 91.7fm, a Milwaukee community radio station. And totally objectively, the
coolest radio station in the world. ( hem, we were recently named on of the
Ten Best Radio Stations in the US by Paste Magazine. And WMSE was nice enough to help the Team get the word out about Candyland. Dan Niedziejko (Mr. Christina Ward Creatures) put his extensive rock n roll experience to work, recording a promotional “blurb” that aired for a period of 10 days on WMSE.

OK, on to the show!
The temperature was a balmy 5 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday night. But Gallery Night in Milwaukee is a quarterly event that is not to be missed. Sure, some of the weak-hearted stayed home, but loads of people from near and far trekked through the cold to make the scene. When folks arrived at Hot*Pop, they were greeted by the hot cool sounds of the 4th Street Elevators. The band was great! A casual mix of Django Reinhardt jazz and Dixieland swing, the Elevators kept everyone boppin’.

Team members sent samples of their favorite candy along with their pieces. What a mix! Visitors happily freaked out as they filled their pockets with goodies from Canada, France, Bosnia, and regional oddities like Tasty Kakes and Black Jack Licorice taffy. Totally yum! Totally a dentist's worst nightmare.

All the pieces displayed are very much for sale. The show will remain up for viewing until March 18th. If you make it to MKE, please set some time aside to visit Hot*Pop. If you would like to arrange a purchase, please contact Hot*Pop. They are very nice and will assist you in your purchase of these one of a kind pieces. You can contact them at: 414-273-1301. You can also email Brandy, the manager, directly at: (Please note: if you see a “red dot” near the item, that item is already sold!)

And now, without any further ado...Part One of the Candyland Show (part two coming to you very soon)!

Monster Candy Bowl by FuzFrenzy/Jen Clayton- $80.00

Electrique by
Little Critters/Steph Livingston- $75.00

Chocolate Dipped Chili Peppers by Scrumptious Delight/Becky Gould- $15.00 (Only one left!)

A Grouping by Needlings/Heather Saunders- Lucy Lemonhead, Betsy Bubblegum, Sally Spearmint at $65.00, Candy Raincloud-$10.00, Candy Sun- $20.00

LolliLady & Miss Kate-$80.00, Miss Ruth & her Lollipop-$70.00, Miss Ginger & her Bread Boys- $60.00 by Them Dollz/Jen Musatto

Kiwi, Chocolate and Strawberry Pixel Pops by The Pixels/Katarzyna Piotrowska, $25.00 each.

Ginger Zombie by Plushroom Soup/Jessica Puckett- $26.00

Owl’s Candyland Feltscape, $85.00 and Owl's Love Candy Sign, $60.00 by Hibou Cards/Anne-Claire Regan

Peabuckly-$ 56.00, Spinsu-$ 48.00, Cabu-$ 85.00 by Emily Bluestar

Large Atomic Fireball by Pterodactyl Pants/Jessie Mansbacher-$ 50.00 (Look at the next pics for Jessie's other pieces: Small Atomic Fireball- $ 40.00, Atomic Firehawk-$ 45.00, Atomic Firebug- $ 40.00

In this picture: Jessie's Fireballs described above and Cherry Lolly Tree by Out of the Frame/Rowan Hellyer, $15.00 and Grandma Sugar Sweet by Plushroom Soup/Jessica Puckett $42.00 And Milk Chocolate Moose by Zazu Faure, $36.00

Oh Hai. Yup, those are mine. I suffered greatly as a child for my love of for me the natural result of all those sweets are Bad Teeth. By Christina Ward, $25.00 each.

The very large Elephant Pez Dispenser is an amazing piece by Zazu Faure, $$75.00 Next to it is a fun bunch of "turtles", and their home, a French candy box, $25.00. Please note that individual turtles can be purchased for $5.00.

S'mores Monster (with accompanying fire, toast, chocolate) by Scrumptious Delight/Becky Gould, $100.00

A sculptural plush rendition of the famous meme video Charlie the Unicorn. This piece was approved by Charlie Creator, Jason Steele. By Plushroom Soup/Jessica Puckett, $150.00

One side of the room featured a large table display of the "Candy" themed items. Above are Candy Striped Dog by Patti Haskins, $75.00 and a Dark Chocolate Moose by Zazu Faure, $36.00

In this photo, you see Ike Cream Owl by Hibou Cards. This guy sold when I was setting up the show! Above them, are Scrumptious Delight's amazing Licorice Bags filled with little plush licorices, $50.00 each. You can also catch a peep of Moons Creations "Home from the Carnival" and Yummy Pancake's "Jar of Gummy Fruit Slices". You'll see more of these in the next pics.

Jar of Gummy Fruit Slices by Yummy Pancake/Denise Ferguson, $55.00

“Home From The Carnival” by Moon’s Creations/Marcy Bridges (Contains ten Popcorn, one Moon Bun Cotton Candy, one Moon Bun Candy Apple, one Lolipop, Popcorn and container), $ 120.00

Chocolate Bunny by Abbydid/Abby Langdon, $60.00

Chocolate Pixel Kiss by The Pixels/Katarzyna Piotrowska, $25.00 each.

Grandma's Butterscotch Candies-$18.00, Jar of Lollipops-$50.00, Jar of Hard Candy-$40.00 all by Yummy Pancake/Denise Ferguson

Candy Cane Cat by Patti Haskins, $75.00

White Chocolate Moose by Zazu Faure- $36.00

Bubble Tape! by Chris' Creatures/Chris Hwang- $45.00

A nice tableau featuring Chocolate Ice Cream Owl by Hibou Cards- $45.00, Milk Chocolate Pixel Kiss by The Pixels- $25.00, Dark Chocolate Moose by Zazu Faure- $36.00.

Felt Gummi Bears by Tyler Poncho Toys/Kaeti Lindquist- $15.00 each.

That's only half the show, friends. See the next half tomorrow!


Deb DiSalvo said...

I LOVE the plush team! from my very first tooth fairy plush pillow from Moogancreations (aka Stinkybomb), to knuckle biters from Abbydid, an amigurumi monkey from the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and mini Mr. Pastree plushie keychains from Yummypancake, you ALL rock! Your creations put a smile on my face and make me happy! :)

HibouCards said...

Thanks Christina for this post! Since I wasn't able to go to the opening I'm glad to see all those pics :) I'm so glad we had the opportunity to do this! I love our team :)
Anne-claire aka Hibou

treachercreatures said...

What a fabulous show. I love all these plushies. So thrilled to have become a part of this team.

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