Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Russian Christmas Plush Exchange - Sunny Plum

(or, Christian Orthodox Christmas. Or Very Belated Christmas. Or Arbitrary Day In January A.K.A. When I Can Get To The Post Office Post-Holiday Madness.)

This is Lety from Cretur Fetur reporting: a flower with a face has arrived at my doorstep. Alarming! It came with a lovely note that explains, "I call her the 'Unintentionally Creepy Daisy.' She seems nice enough but something about that big smile makes me think she's got something up her sleeve."

Fortunately, we know all about slightly deranged smiles here at Cretur Fetur, and Unintentionally Creepy Daisy fit right in. In fact, our resident mad hyena-thing took an instant shine to UCD:

She's not eating her; they're dancing a tango
Thank you, Sunny Plum! <3

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