Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Katarzyna

We have TWO Plush Team birthdays today!

First off We wish Katazyna of The Pixels a fabulous birthday and hope you will too. Feel free to leave many birthday salutations in the comments.

In 2009 Katazyna had my name for our Plush Team Russian Christmas swap and we just love our Santa Pixel plush that we received. Pixel plush are super soft and snuggly but are also great for display, mine is enjoying life in my office with my plush collection.

Chinese New Year's Rabbit by The Pixels
available in the Plush Team shop

Check back later for birthday girl number two!

1 comment:

emily b said...

Happy birthday, Katarzyna! I have to say, it is a magical day, isn't it? :)

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