Friday, February 25, 2011

Where in the World is PT Stitchy?

Remember waaaayy back when PT Stitchy started his World Tour of Plush Team members? (For a reminder, click here.)

Well, we all were wondering the same thing. After many months of being incommunicado, (and many debates among Team members if we should send out a search party) it appears that our intrepid adventurer met up with and was seduced by some fly-by-night Doll on his way to Boston, MA. She convinced the hopelessly in love PT to come with her to see the world; promising him that they would have many adventures together if he would only be man enough to come with her. Well, what guy could resist the double lure of beauty and adventure? They left the States, and travelled to Europe, where they roamed wherever their hearts desired. After a few months of traveling they arrived in a small town the South of Spain. Unfortunately for PT, his adventuring, and his love, ended there. Turns out that flighty Doll dumped him for an Ugly Doll with a Spanish accent. Oh the heartbreak! Poor PT. After many months of hard-core tea parties with the locals; trying to forget the Doll that broke his heart, he decided to stay in Spain in a small cottage by the sea; fishing, soaking up the sun, determined never to fall in love again. How do we know this, you ask?

Yesterday out of the blue, the Plush Team suddenly got word from PT. He told us his tale of romantic adventure-turned-heartbreak, and that he woke up determined to leave the place where his heart was brutally crushed, and resume his travels back in the States and beyond. He figured that the best way to move on and get over his break-up was to continue his travels; that meeting up and exploring different cities and countries with his friends on the Plush Team would be the best cure.

So, PT is on his way back to the USA as we speak, and will soon resume his journey where he left off. Next stop Boston!
We look forward to hearing all about his new adventures, and hope that he gets over his break-up and back to his usually energetic and cheerful self, soon. Welcome back PT, we've missed you.


Fur Will Fly said...

Oh, so that's what he's been up to! Very naughty, but at least he's back on the tour trail now.

HibouCards said...

I heard a rumor saying he would be in New England now... possibly even Boston! I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else :)

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