Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Cat!

Yesterday was Cat's Birthday. Due to some Blogger outages I did not get her post up in time. Cat is the original Raggy Rat Lady from Weymouth, United Kingdom. She is very well known for her plush rats and plush costumes. I think she can just about create/build anything you could ever want out of bits and pieces and fabric and stuffing.

She also creates "art for the hands" mats for those with special needs or the elderly with dementia or alzheimers. If you think you know someone that could benefit from one of these mats be sure to check out her shop The Raggy Rat.

Please take a moment to wish her a super fantastic belated birthday in the comments area below. Happy Birthday to you from all of us at the Plush Team!!!

1 comment:

Raggy Rat said...

what a really nice birthday message, thank you xxx

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