Thursday, May 26, 2011

PT Stitchy's World Tour - Boston!

I bet you guys were all wondering where our little mascot had gone... well, he was having a little Spring fling with the charming city of Boston and its inhabitants! I Hibou (from Hiboucards) and my little family welcomed him for a few weeks in our house in Jamaica Plain (Boston - MA).
Unfortunately Spring has brought New England a lot of rainy days, more than I'd care to count really and this made it very difficult for me to take outdoors pictures of Mr. Stitchy's Bostonian adventures.
Therefore you will have to take my word for it when I tell you that Stitchy did the whole tourist tour of Boston and its surroundings. 

He took a ride in the T to go to the harbor eat lobster and drink beer (don't worry, PT is of age!).
He visited the aquarium and the Museum of Science to see the dinosaurs to my son's request.
He played dinosaurs a lot with my son and ate both pizza and stinky cheese in quantity..... we are a French/American home after all ;)

He also took a ride to Ipswich and Salem, home of the witches! He was a little spooked there but thankfully Monsieur Chameau (Mr. Camel - my son's lovey) held his hand throuhgout our visit.

Now he's on to new adventures in.... well hold on there, it's a surprise!

With Love,

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