Friday, September 9, 2011

Rainforest Challenge...The Final!

Time to vote again!

This time you only have to choose between three amazing pieces of plush art but once again it won't be an easy choice.
The results were very close but finally produced 3 finalists who this time will be battling it out to win a sloth adoption in their name!

Some of the rainforest themed plush are still up for sale in the team shop,
head on over and take a look!

Without further ado let me announce the finalists!

In the catagory "Rainforest Critters"

Red-eyed tree frog by Bluestar Fuzzies

in the catagory "Plantlife"

Ava the pitcher plant by Squirrel Momma the catagory "Indigenous Peoples"

Tribal boy with pan pipes by Raggy Rat

Scroll on down and vote for your favourite....thanks!!!

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