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All Hail the Whale - Plush Team at the Corduroy Appreciation Club

Plush Team corduroy exhibit at the Cordruoy Appreciation Club meeting by abbydid
Plush Team's 11 corduroy pieces by 11 artists for 11|11|11.
As perhaps you have heard by now, the Corduroy Appreciation Club had it's grandest meeting of ALL TIME on the date that most closely resembles corduroy, 11|11|11.  Plush Team was invited to contribute 11 plush pieces by 11 plush artists to help herald this momentous occasion.  I was the privileged individual fortunate enough to curate this little show and attend the meeting held in New York City.

Plush Team corduroy exhibit at the Cordruoy Appreciation Club meeting by abbydid
Wavy Wade by Patti Haskins, 11|11|11 by Raggy Rat, Pinwale Pin Whale by Squirrel Momma,
Dapper Whale by Chris Creatures, Cordelia by ThEm DoLLz, and "Waling" Banshee by Plushroom Soup.

The excitement began on the eve of 11|11|11 when Rachel Maddow from MSNBC shared Honey Badger Don't Give A Sh%t by Fuz Frenzy, "Waling" Banshee by Plushroom Souop, and 11|11|11 by Raggy Rat on her show.  You can check out the video and see for yourself.  She then adopted Honey Badger for herself.  He has since taken up residence at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, living the high life, we assume.

Several of the corduroy plush are still available in the Plush Team's etsy shop, so don't delay in adding one to your collection!
Plush Team corduroy exhibit at the Cordruoy Appreciation Club meeting by abbydid
Woody Allen by Plush Goodness, Honey Badger Don't Give a Sh%t by
Fuz Frenzy,and Hipster Wholphin by Christina Ward Creatures
Plush Team corduroy exhibit at the Cordruoy Appreciation Club meeting by abbydid
Hipster Wholphin by Christina Ward Creatures, Squid and the Wale by
 Plushinator,and Grow a Pair by Scrumptious Delight

The night of the event the Desmond Tutu Center was packed with 350+ people, all swathed in corduroy.   It was a huge party and the energy in the crowd was jubilant.  Once the meeting got underway the surprises of the night began to reveal themselves.  First among them was the keynote speaker, Amy Sedaris, Craft Diva and all around awesome person.  Her address was nothing short of hilarious. 
Keynote Speaker, Amy Sedaris by abbydid
My Craft Idol Amy Sedaris regales us with all things corduroy.
 Miles Rohan, President of the CAC, had much to inform us in the way of corduroy.  Among his revelations was that upon receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Club, Wes Anderson had donated the Mr. Fox's corduroy suit from his film The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I somehow resisted spiriting this treasure away in my suitcase.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox's corduroy suit, donated by Wes Anderson by abbydid
The Fantastic Mr. Fox's corduroy suit.
Awestruck?  Me, too.

The fashion show was a big hit.  It opened with this corduroy bikini number on a lithe model that dove into the splits.  She was extremely impressive.
Corduroy Fashion Show by abbydid
My husband took these photos.
We have a lot of the girl in the bikini.  Coincidence?

The corduroy show evolved into my MY BROTHER'S SURPRISE WEDDING.  Turns out my brother and his new bride met at a CAC meeting and have since become instrumental in its CORDination.  So what better way to celebrate their union than at the Grandest Meeting of All Time?

Nice Day for a Wale Wedding by abbydid
Sandra and Kurt, both in custom made corduroy attire.

I don't know how much of a surprise the wedding was.  That morning the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times leaked news of it.  I don't know what your family weddings are like, but I found all of this fairly surreal.  Sandra made the most beautiful bride I've ever seen, in her custom made corduroy gown sponsored by Cotton, and Kurt was so handsome in his custom made suit.  They are perfect together and we are all so happy for them.

The meeting was amazing, exhausting, and historic in every way.  So much more took place, including the "messiah," a girl who turned 11 on 11|11|11, a piece of Franklin Roosevelt's coat being donated to the club, and an  a capella group singing the CAC's anthem.

Kallisto in repose. by abbydid
My daughter in repose, and yes, even her stuffed pig is wearing corduroy.
It was midnight before the festivities wrapped up, so the youngest in the crowd weren't coherent for all of it.  I spent most of the evening holding this sleeping munchkin.  Also, I'd like to point out I made that awesome hat on the President's head.  So, kudos to me.  

Miles Rohan, President, in his Grand Poobah hat by abbydid by abbydid
Miles Rohan, President of the CAC, hat by abbydid

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pattihaskins said...

Fabulous report, Abby, I felt like I was there in all that corduroy glory.

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