Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Eight of 11 Days of Corduroy - Woody Allen, Corduroy Enthusiast, a plushcature by Plush Goodness

Best known for his love of corduroy,
Woody Allen is also known for other things.

The date that most closely resembles corduroy, 11|11|11 has come upon us, and to commemorate this momentous date the Plush Team has teamed up with the Corduroy Appreciation Club. A collection of 11 corduroy-inspired plush created by 11 members of the Plush Team has resulted. These pieces will be displayed at the grand meeting celebrating all things corduroy at the Desmond Tutu Center in Manhattan on this most auspicious date. These pieces will become available to the public to celebrate this every man's fabric in their own private collections this Thursday, November 10th.  They will be listed in PlushTeam's etsy shop: www.plushteam.etsy.com

About the Club:
The Corduroy Appreciation Club is a social club which wishes to cultivate good fellowship by the advancement of Corduroy awareness, understanding, celebration and commemoration of the fabric and all related items. Club events are held on dates which resemble Corduroy. Explore the club and all its wonders further at http://corduroyclub.com/.

All Hail the Wale!!!

A famous lifelong Corduroy wearer and unconscious ambassador for the "everyman's fabric", you may also know of Woody Allen for his writing, directing, and sometimes acting in almost 70 feature films. Resplendent in his corduroy blazer and pinwale corduroy pants, Mr. Allen will anxiously be looking for a new home on November 12th. 

This version of Woody Allen was made by Plush Goodness, who is herself a lifelong corduroy wearer. When the opportunity came to make plush to celebrate one of her favorite fabrics, she jumped at the chance and "Woody Allen, Corduroy Enthusiast" was the result.

Coincidentally, Woody Allen and the Corduroy Appreciation Club
are both from New York!
Or perhaps it's not a coincidence at all.  Discuss.
Woody is made from 2 types of corduroy- his jacket and pants- so he conforms to the CAC's rules about wearing 2 pieces of corduroy minimum.  He measures 16 inches tall (42 cm) by 8.5 inches wide (21.5cm) .

About the artist:
Plush Goodness (aka Leeanna Butcher) is a freelance textile artist, fabric collector, and plush-aholic living and working in Northern California. She received her degree in Character Animation, and now uses that training to make her drawings come to life in plush form. When not busily sewing new creations, she spends her time with her scruffy dog and equally scruffy artist husband.  Experience more of her work at www.plushgoodness.etsy.com.

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