Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Seven of 11 Days of Corduroy - Hipster Wholphin by Christina Ward for Corduroy Appreciation Club

Since Wholphin is half whale, he only feels obligated
to face left (as dictated by the CAC) half of the time.
The date that most closely resembles corduroy, 11|11|11 has come upon us, and to commemorate this momentous date the Plush Team has teamed up with the Corduroy Appreciation Club. A collection of 11 corduroy-inspired plush created by 11 members of the Plush Team has resulted. These pieces will be displayed at the grand meeting celebrating all things corduroy at the Desmond Tutu Center in Manhattan on this most auspicious date. These pieces will become available to the public to celebrate this every man's fabric in their own private collections this Thursday, November 10th.  They will be listed in PlushTeam's etsy shop:

About the Club:
The Corduroy Appreciation Club is a social club which wishes to cultivate good fellowship by the advancement of Corduroy awareness, understanding, celebration and commemoration of the fabric and all related items. Club events are held on dates which resemble Corduroy. Explore the club and all its wonders further at

All Hail the Wale!!!

Wholphin is so hip he watches McSweeney's Wholphin while being a wholphin.
Introducing Hipster Wholphin.  One side smile, other side smirk, this marine mammal is wearing a scarf made of vintage Wisconsin flannels and corduroy.   He is an expert in all things indie, totally vegan, and knows way more about Wes Anderson than you do.   This hybrid combines the best qualities of the dolphin and the whale, elevating his cool factor to unfathomable heights.  His parents make an unlikely couple, having met at a gallery opening of moronic art while sipping krill-washed bourbons.  

Hipster Wholphin measures 30" long and 12" tall, but he prefers his measurements to be metric, so he's actually more like 75cm by 30cm.  

About the artist:
Christina Ward is a stoic dilettante making ridiculous animals out of fur, fleece and yes, corduroy. She lived in the LES of NYC in the 1980's but now lives in Milwaukee; making her an ur-hipster. 

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The Naturette said...

love this :) I'm off to have a krill-washed bourbon!

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