Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day Ten of 11 Days of Corduroy - "Grow a Pair" by Scrumptious Delight for the Corduroy Appreciation Club

Service with a smile!  
The date that most closely resembles corduroy, 11|11|11 has come upon us, and to commemorate this momentous date the Plush Team has teamed up with the Corduroy Appreciation Club. A collection of 11 corduroy-inspired plush created by 11 members of the Plush Team has resulted. These pieces will be displayed at the grand meeting celebrating all things corduroy at the Desmond Tutu Center in Manhattan on this most auspicious date. These pieces are available to the public to celebrate this every man's fabric in their own private collections.  They may be purchased in the  PlushTeam's etsy shop:

About the Club:
The Corduroy Appreciation Club is a social club which wishes to cultivate good fellowship by the advancement of Corduroy awareness, understanding, celebration and commemoration of the fabric and all related items. Club events are held on dates which resemble Corduroy. Explore the club and all its wonders further at

All Hail the Wale!!!

title: "Grow a pair"
description: corduroy capsule vending machine
dimensions:20" x 10" x 10"
materials: corduroy (of course!), vinyl, capsule vending balls, felt.
the idea:  This handmade vending machine will happily dispense to you for the incredible price of .25 a capsule containing one pair of miniature corduroy flare pants.  To "grow a pair" just add water and -voila- slip into your full-sized pants.  
With a working flap and chute, you really can reach inside to pull out your mini-cords.

Becky Gould is the artist behind  Scrumptious Delight.  She is originally from Bournemouth in the UK but has roved the world, from Portugal, Spain, France and has now settled in Vancouver.  Becky has created plush since she was a child, but felt her passion for sewing really ignite after her son was born ten years ago.  Since then she has exhibited her work internationally and enjoyed recognition in various media outlets, including the cover of Stuffed magazine.  Visit her at    

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