Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me... exclusive one-of-a-kind collaborative Scrapenstein Frankenplush! Each of these six plush were created by multiple members of the Plush Team.  One partner in the challenge created the body and mailed it to the next, the next created the arms and legs and shipped it off, and the third put on the finishing touches. As seen in this summer's issue of STUFFED magazine, you could own or gift one of these terrific creations:

Scrapentstein by Squirrel Momma, Plushroom Soup, and Scrumptious Delight

Scrapenstein by The Pixels, abbydid, and DingoGirl66

Scrapenstein by Raggy Rat and Out of the Frame

Scrapenstein by A plushplush and Zfla

Scrapenstein by Yummy Pancake and Fuzfrenzy

Scrapenstein by Hibou Cards, BebeBabies, and Plush Riot

You can find these one-of-a-kind plush by clicking on the link to the Team Shop, here

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