Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plush New Year's Resolutions by Felicia of Fluffy Flowers

Another New Year. Time to get rid of some plush! No, I don't mean the cute kind that lives at my house. I mean those extra plushy parts I spy outta the corner of my eye in the mirror just before I jump into the shower. Yeah, that's the plush that's gotta go.

I bought a treadmill a year or two ago, fully intending to put that sucker to good use. He lives in my guest room, hogging up oodles of valuable square footage and forcing my guests to use him as a suitcase valet, ready to hold all traveling paraphernalia. He even has a couple of arms to hold hangables. If only I had a real valet who'd make me a cup of coffee in the morning!

There might have been a layer of dust on the thing the past few months but you probably wouldn't know that now. In fact, you can't even see the thing. Currently, that treadmill is buried under a mountain of snow. Buffalo Snow.

Buffalo Snow is the best plush stuffing in the universe. You could buy huge, five pound boxes under a different name for a pretty cheap price at your local Voldemart store. Until a couple of years ago, that is. Like all good and wonderful things you love, the manufacturer took it off the market. I searched high and low for the stuff even turning through pages of online auction sites incase someone had a last cache of the stuff for sale. I would have bought it all. Heck, if I'd have known it was going off the market I would have stockpiled my house to the rafters with it! Unfortunately, I didn't.

I was at a supremely low point after researching, buying and trying lots of other stuffings. None could hold a candle to my lovely stuff. Then I found out the truth. The totally awesome stuffing I love was sold all over the place under a different name and for a totally different purpose. That stuff that I love was Buffalo Snow! Sold during the holiday season in nearly every retail establishment from inner cities to the suburbs and straight on through to the country. Yep, it was there for the buying! Except, uh, it was freakin' way over priced.

Buffalo Snow comes in bags with a meager 15 ounces or so of stuff and at a price point many times what I was paying back in the good ol' days. So what's a frugal girl to do? Hit the after Christmas sales with a vengeance! Nothing could destract me as a toured from store to store buying up cart loads of the stuff. At one point I could not see out of my back car window. Yeah, I bought a lot of stuff.

Not having a stuff storage room big enough to hold all my plush making booty, I started piling it on that treadmill in the guest room. Each time I'd go out somewhere I'd come home with more stuff to add to the pile. The mountain grew. The shiny bags were starting to slide around and I feared a plush stuffing avalanche. But more importantly, I needed to start work on my New Year's Resolution: get rid of some of my butt plush!

I haven't yet braved the stuff mountain but I'm working up to it. The weather has been fine here in the deep south so I've been able to get outside for my daily power walks. But the super hot weather will be upon us soon so I should probably get crackin' on relocating the stuff to a more permanent storage location. Or maybe I should just start making a lot of plush. I wonder how much plush it takes to move a mountain?
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