Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plush Team Annual Plush Swap

What is the Plush Team Annual Plush Swap you ask?

In the words of Abby of the infamous Abbydid, "In the past we've had this Secret Santa among ourselves around this time, but each year it's gotten pushed back a bit more as we craftfolk struggle to meet the demands of our busiest season.

Last year's came to a conclusion so far into THIS year, in fact, that I've consulted the new powers-that-be and we've come to the consensus that what this team REALLY needs is a LEAP DAY PLUSH SWAP"

Plush Team members sign up to swap, names are thrown in a hat, names are pulled and everybody gets to make something for another member, not two members exchanging, but again as Abby said: "And who you have does NOT have you, everyone's recipient is different from the sendee."

Sooo, now that you know what it is, I, patti haskins, am proud to announce that I am the lucky recipient of the first swap, a gorgeous hot pink (my favorite color) bird from the incredibly talented Mary of ecoLEFTZ fame. Click and go check out her fabulous shop.

This is just the most fabulous bird there is to be had with her long tail feathers and two big soulful eyes. Admire the photos and wish she was your bird. Just wish. She's never flying out of this house. I love her too much to ever let her go. Thanks Mary!

1 comment:

Michael TheMonkey said...

the bird looks sad.. it needs some traveling!

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