Sunday, February 26, 2012

Annual "Secret" Plush Swap - Leap Year Green Bunny

This is the third year I'm participating in our Annual "Secret" Plush Swap and it's always such a thrill. The anticipation for your little gift to arrive that you don't know who is it from until it "knocks" on your door. And the excitement when you open the package. Yay!!!

Amazingly this year the cutest little green bunny from talented Brian of
Brian and The Wonderland Craft
has arrived at my door, saying: "Hi there, I leaped over oceans, all the way from far far away Malaysia to be friends with you, the rabbits, and The Pixels."

He introduced himself to Mr. Trunk, who is the emperor of The Land of The Pixels. Also found himself chatting up with guys from previous swaps. He is such a charmer. I'm pretty sure he will have a blast here on this American soil.

And at the end of a very busy welcoming day, they all went back to their own little spaces, where they can enjoy their new lives and overlook The Land of The Pixels...

Thank you Brian!!! I love it!!!

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