Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I love getting parcels!

I love getting parcels, and this one made my day! The last 2 weeks haven't been great for us - frozen water pipes, no toilet, very cold - need I say more? So now you see what I mean when I say this one made my day - it made my month!
What is it? Who is it from? you ask. This parcel is from the wonderful Abbydid who drew my name in the Plush Team leap year plush swap! When I saw her name on the outside of the box I was already excited about what would be inside... was I about to become the proud owner of a Wibbly Woo?
Yes! What is a Wibbly Woo? According to verified sources, the Wibbly Woo is a legendary creature located in the peat bogs of Northern England. Harmless, happy, helpful little scamps, they make excellent companions (especially at bedtime). Wibbly Woos have large, soft mouths perfect for safeguarding treasures. 
So I opened the bag and inside was not just a Wibbly Woo in my favourite colours - but also a little box...
And inside the box was all my favourite food! Wibbly Woo was hungry from the journey (it's a long way from Cincinnati to Bosnia and Herzegovina) so I let him tuck in.
There were also some very lovely promotional materials from Abbydid.
And two bags of fabric scraps which have arrived just in time for our Craft Party on Monday! Thank you so much Abby :)

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