Thursday, February 2, 2012

Introducing our Newest Members

A HUGE plush welcome to our newest members! We are happy to introduce to you the talented artists behind the etsy shops of:

Pink Sprinkles Plush:

Monster Jorge by PinkSprinklesPlush

When I was a little girl I'd go and visit my Grandma. She would get out an old book of plush dolls with patterns, I would pick one, and she would make him for me (with my help of course). I have no doubt this is where my love of plush began. 
I'd say my inspiration tends to lean a little to the unusual side. I love inanimate objects with faces, monsters, zombies, albino eyes and lots of messed up teeth. My monsters are primarily machine sewed for durability. The majority of them are also child friendly. My toddler son is my tester. He gets the prototype and if it can withstand him then the design is good enough to be sold in my store. :)

The Eleventh Monkey:

Large Blue Bear by Eleventhmonkey

We are the eleventh monkey creatures. Our little felt family was unleashed into the world from Japan in 2009. Our creator is a Dutchie born on the 'eleventh' of August in the year of the 'monkey'. We all look slightly awkward and we love hugs. We are looking for new friends out in the world who are just as hug-happy as we are! Visit my blog at: http//

And Brian and the Wonderland Craft:

Baby Snail James by bnwcraft
A guy from IT background, doing web and desktop programming for living but doing craft for his life. My inspirations for crafts vary throughout the journey. In the beginning, inspiration came from memory, which turned out in the forms of Lowly Worm, Toothless Dragon, Golden Bug and others. These are not from my own creation but are characters from my childhood memory. After that, I started to find inspiration from my life, which led to the Zebra series that contains Baby Zebra and Angel Zebra. Recently I joined the Handmade Eco challenge contest. It inspired me to use plush toys to convey the Recycle message that Handmade Eco is trying to promote. Visit my blog at:

Welcome to the team everyone- and we are looking forward to seeing many more wonderful creations from you all! If you'd like to check out more plush from these artists, just click on their names, above.

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