Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leap Year Plush Swap!

The Plush Team's annual swap has to be one of my most favorite activities of the year! I enjoy making a special doll for my swap partner as well as receiving an awesome piece of plush art from my swapee. It's so exciting!

So, on Thursday the doorbell rang! I ran to the door and there was the postman holding a package for me. I grabbed it and ran back inside. To my surprise it was from Stephanie, of Little Critters! Yay! I've traded with Stephanie in the past so I was super stoked to open it up and see what was inside. Low and behold, It was one of the cutest little critters I've ever layed eyes on and with it came a mini critter keychain. I love keychains!

I named them Sally and midge. I love the colors and fabrics that Stephanie chose to make them. Their personalities mesh nicely with all of the other monsters in the house. In fact, they've already made friends with a group of monster's I call "the house monster's." I love them! Thank you Stephanie! Happy Leap Year!

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