Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leap Year Swap Update

Opened the door and what surprise did I find?
An adorable little pink elephant looking for a new home.

She hails all the way from Welburn, England from the studio of Treacher Creatures. I certainly lucked out in this PlushTeam swap! Now the little one is exploring the house looking for new friends.

The pachyderm gang was nice, but a little stiff for her tastes.

Perhaps the ninja penguin will share a peanut?

Oh, these guys look like a tough bunch—Sam, The Goth Fox and The Golem.

Cats are too indifferent.

Looking forward to hitting the surf with Lulu.

Thanks, but it's a bit early for a pint.

Wow, so that’s where PT Stitchy and friends all hang out.

Oh, this may be love at first sight. I’m home.

Thank you Dawn for the wonderful gift. He’s in good company.


treachercreatures said...

She looks so at home..so pleased she arrived safely and has settled in so well.

Leeanna Butcher said...

love this post Zazu! Everyone is getting such great stuff from their swap- this is great. :D

zfla said...

thanks Leeanna. I got a little carried away since she was so photogenic! Did you spot your jumping bean on my plushteam shelf?

Raggy Rat said...

i see a lot of awesome plush - and a sweet hamster!

Christina Ward said...

Love the post! What a great tour of the Plush House.

yermit said...

Fun! I love seeing your awesome collection of plush! Impressive. And another great swap item.

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